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This directory points to topics that arise commonly during patient consultations. Some are standard homeopathic material for review. Some are reviews of research literature on general health topics. Some are opinions based on over 47 years of clinical experience. Specific ailments and philosophies of medicine are discussed lower on the page!

Rapid relief for acute ailments (such as injuries, fever, diarrhea, cough, influenza, headaches, back pain, childbirth complications, malaria, typhoid, cholera) can be achieved SOLELY and DIRECTLY via cellphone or computer using eRemedies (MP3 extractions of  homeopathic remedies. Just go to

Homeopathic Information for Patients

Using LM Potencies

General Health Information for Everyone

What You Can Do For Yourself

The 50% Factor: SLEEP

The 30% Factor: EXERCISE

The 10-15% Factor: NUTRITION

What About Supplements?

Avian Flu

Flu Shot?

Detailed Blogs on General Health from

Blog: Evidence for need for sleep!

Blog: How much exercise is needed?

Blog: What is the optimal diet for you?

Blog: What value are vitamins and supplements?

Blog: How effective are flu shots?

Blog: How useful are probiotics?

Blog: Should you vaccinate your kids?

Blog: How should you manage fever?

Blog: How much sun exposure do you need to get Vitamin D?

Blog: What are the health pros and cons of pets?

Blog: What exactly is the GMO controversy about?

Blog: Your microbiome is an immune system OUTSIDE your body!

Blog: Loud snoring — maybe sleep apnea, which is very serious!

Blog: What is optimal parenting for health of your kids?

Blog: Want to optimize your kids grades? Have them exercise!

Blog: How much screen time is appropriate for your kids?

Details on Specific Ailments

What can you do about stress?

What is normal BP, and what can you do if yours is high?

Is cholesterol a concern?

You have high TSH or a “thyroid problem”? What exactly does that mean?

What should be done if your child has wheezing during a cold?

Why should antibiotics be avoided in children for common ailments?

What can be done about back pain, neck pain, sciatica?

Does your child seem to have ADD or ADHD? What’s normal?

What are the dangers of Zika, as far as we know?

What to do about summer bites and stings?

What is constipation, and what can be done naturally?

Prostate cancer screening: Is PSA reliable?

Consider Philosophies of Medicine, the ideal medical system!

What would be the ideal medical system if we could do Anything?

What is the full scope of holistic healing?

What are the Laws of Cure?

How can you tell the difference between cure and suppression?

How can the body be stimulated to heal itself?

What is the highest manifestation of health?

Individualization is important in medicine, and in alternative medicine!

Are double-blind studies limited in clinical practice?

What is the tyranny of “normal values”?

What are “side effects” really?

The ideal system should be affordable, right? Why isn’t ours?

The ideal system should be accessible also, right?

DNA has an energy field that determines its expression! Think about that!

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