Chief complaint: Eczema and cervical cancer

Name: RM

In 2006, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I was in a healing workshop and someone gave Dr Bill Gray’s name. I came to see him during my 2 months of chemo and radiation treatment. I did not lose any hair at all and had no nausea pill either. I saw Dr. Gray the last time in January 2007. I was feeling good and forgot to do a follow up. I forgot about the homeopathy treatments and antidoted. Then in 2009, my eczema got worse, the creams did not work anymore. I’ve had it for 8 years and at this time it went to my face and one of my eyes was swollen. In the emergency room, they gave me a mega dose of antibiotics and kept me for a couple of days. While I was in the hospital I remembered Dr. Gray and thought perhaps to see him again.

After all the antibiotics, a month later both my eyes were swollen. Finally I saw Dr. Gray back on December 9th and after 2 months my eyes are gradually getting better and so is the eczema in my hands.  No need for hospitalization again.  I have taken my homeopathy as directed and call the office if I have any problems and stay away from the antidotes. I do not use steroid creams or lotions for the first time in many years. I am still in remission with the cancer.

Chief complaint: Bipolar child
Name: KH

Soon after my daughter turned 13, she was diagnosed with Bipolar II. It was a sudden, disastrous onset.  She had to stop school because she couldn’t function; instead she cycled up for twelve days, then plummeted into depression for twelve days, then up, then down. For five months, she was never normal.

The psychologist and psychiatrist we consulted – both at the very top of their field – said we needed to start medication immediately, or she would just get worse.  Instead, we decided to pursue all possible alternatives before putting our young daughter on any drugs. Knowing absolutely nothing, we made an alternative therapy list – homeopathy, acupuncture, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Ayurvedic, vitamin therapy, etc.

Luckily, one of the first names to come up was Dr. Bill Gray. A good friend had gone to him for shingles, and she had had excellent results. We decided to start with homeopathy and Dr. Gray. I can confidently say that it was the best medical decision we could have made.

We saw Dr. Gray three times, six weeks apart; then once six months later; then a year later; and twice more over a period of four-and-a-half years. He prescribed her first remedy in late November. Six weeks later, in February, we saw him for the second time. Though I thought there was some slight improvement, Dr. Gray said that no, if it were the correct remedy, there would be a more definitive change in the heights of her highs and the depths of her lows – and he prescribed a second, different remedy. Ten days after she began the second remedy, she had two weeks of perfectly normal behavior. This is after five straight months of cycling, with never a single day of normalcy. It was obvious that this was the correct remedy for her.

I would like to emphasize that the whole experience with Dr. Gray, including taking the remedy, is amazingly distress-free. The office visits require no physical exams or lab tests. The remedy is literally a sip taken only when my daughter needs it – there are no pills or shots or distasteful concoctions.  My daughter has never refused to take her remedy.

Since that time, my daughter has steadily improved. She still has what we call “mood shifts,” where she is chattier and peppier during certain times and quieter during other times. But for all we know, that’s just typical teen behavior. And she has increasingly longer, wonderfully normal stretches – where she’s just a happy girl who does well at school and enjoys her life.

Interestingly, my daughter also has some non-verbal learning issues (perhaps on the “autism spectrum”?), but now, during her normal stretches, those spectrum attributes are better than they were before the remedy. (I think anyone who believes their child has Aspergers, or is on the “spectrum,” should see Dr. Gray – it can’t hurt, and there is a good chance he could help significantly.)

I tell virtually everyone I meet about homeopathy. I always say that there are different levels of homeopaths, and Dr. Gray is a world-class homeopath. Going to Dr. Gray for my daughter’s bipolar was the most effective, the most painless, as well as the most economical treatment possible – and we could not be more pleased with the great outcome. We didn’t have insurance that covered Dr. Gray, but my daughter has only needed a total of seven visits with him in 4½ years – one visit in the last 1½ years!  And we’ve spent $60 on the two remedies. That’s it.  Best of all, my daughter takes no prescription drugs – with all those scary side effects – and she is happy and healthy.


Chief complaint: ADHD child
Name: KH

I took my son to you in mid 2008. I honestly thought it was ridiculous to give him homeopathic meds, since 4 to 6 ADHD medications and counseling hadn’t worked for him. We didn’t see much difference right away, he stopped taking them after the initial 10 days and I couldn’t afford anymore visits.

I had almost forgotten about this treatment you prescribed until recently my great nephew has been diagnosed with ADHD and I see how hard his parents are struggling with it. I remembered everything we tried and then I remember the final thing we tried was your homeopathic meds.

Today is my son’s 18th birthday. He had been doing terrible in school with lousy grades and a lousy attitude. Since 2008 he’s turned his life totally around. He got his diploma a year early in 2009 and has been enrolled at college in the Fire Science program since August 2009. He plans to get an AA in fire science and Bachelors in criminal law because he wants to become a fireman/police officer. He also got a job at Raleys and I¹m told he’s an excellent employee, who prides himself on working hard and never being late or absent.

I can’t thank you enough. I’m still laughing at how ridiculous it seemed to shake the distilled water with the remedy etc. But I can’t deny the extreme positive difference in my son after taking it. What¹s even more ironic is that my son thought it was ridiculous too. In fact a few times after he’d had caffeine I tried to get him to take a follow up dose and he just laughed at me and rolled his eyes like it was a joke. So I know it couldn¹t have been a placebo effect if even he didn¹t believe it would do anything.

In any case, I’m now at the realization that those little drops were a miracle and that going to your office that day saved my son. We didn’t try anything else since then so I know it had to be this.

I needed to send you this humble thank you.

God bless you and thank you!


Chief complaint: Meniere’s Disease
Name: AD

Homeopathy has been a life-changing experience for me.  It was at first life-saving, and ultimately, profoundly transformative.

Initially knowing nothing about homeopathy, I sought Dr. Gray’s help as a last resort when all else had failed to help.   I had been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, and for several years had been debilitated by symptoms of unrelenting severe vertigo, intense tinnitus, progressive hearing loss, severe head pressure and headaches, and a host of vague musculoskeletal problems.  Pharmaceutical interventions were becoming increasingly toxic and surgical procedures increasingly destructive.   Quality of life was very poor.  No longer able to function at home or work, I’d given up a rewarding career, completion of a doctoral program, active involvement as a parent and spouse, and nearly all activities.

The decision to seek Dr. Gray’s help was not an easy one.  It meant managing my case cross-country at a time when I was extremely debilitated.  It was a leap of faith, but given that I had absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, and given Dr. Gray’s excellent medical training and outstanding reputation as a world-renowned homeopath, it seemed the only thing to do.  Over the course of treatment, and especially in the early phases, Dr. Gray and Victoria were always accessible, always responsive, and always moving my case forward in the direction of health.

Homeopathic treatment has been perhaps the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, and at the same time, the best thing I’ve ever done.  Whereas I’d once been offered no hope for relief from what had been deemed a progressive illness and irreversible hearing loss, homeopathy offered the possibility of cure.  At the outset I’d hoped only for some diminishment of symptoms and a slowing of progressive hearing loss; but much to my amazement, the eventual outcome was a cure, including recovery of normal hearing.
I continue to recognize degrees of health and well-being never before imaginable.  Every aspect of my life has been touched at the deepest level– beyond even physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Homeopathy at first brought relief from symptoms of illness, but ultimately opened the door to an indescribable freedom.


Mike R

Doctor Gray is absolutely the smartest Doctor I have ever seen or spoken to…He will cure you with the right homeopathic remedy instead of going to a doctor who prescribes western medicine that will only mask the symptoms. Not only have I not been sick 5 years after seeing him, I have referred a couple people recently who were helped. Simply put the correct remedy will boost your immune system and cures you permanently…..without the side effects of many of the western meds that doctors who don’t know about homeopathic cures…. Do yourself a favor and read the book Overdosed America!! Luckily there are world class doctors like Dr Gray.


Caitlin B

My husband and I couldn’t speak any more highly of Dr Gray! My husband began seeing him about three years ago for various health issues, and I watched as his chronic sinus infections, iritis, stomach issues and frequent sickness vanished. Having grown up with chronic joint pain I began seeing Dr. Gray earlier this year to see if he could help me out. I spent years going to traditional doctors, with no diagnosis and no help as a result, I got tired of my doctors telling me I was making up my pain and decided to give Dr. Gray a try. A little over 6 months later I have seen a DRASTIC change in my chronic pain. I’m able to work without distraction as well as enjoy working out like I’ve never been able to before. Seeing Dr. Gray has really been a life changing event for our family, we couldn’t recommend him more!


Pattie K.
Pleasant Hill CA

Dr Gray is the most amazing Homeopathic MD. I know there are patients that have flown in from other countries and parts of the US just to see him. I have been going to him for over 20 years. He can zero in on my health issue and pick the exact remedy to resolve it. He listens very well, kind, thoughtful, and has a gentle sense of humor. He is the very best. I recommend him all the time.


John A,
Jackson CA

Dr. Bill Gray is a very good listener and is very knowledgeable about many types of medicine. He keeps updated on recent changes and new information in many areas of medicine through a variety of sources. He has helped me with a number of maladies and illnesses that were not able to be solved or understood by traditional doctors. Homeopathy is not always a quick fix and the patient has to learn that it is a unique approach to healing. It is not a band-aid approach typical of western medicine. I have recommended Dr. Gray to many of my friends who have not been able to be helped by traditional medicine. What I really value is his honesty and diagnostic skills that allow him to look at me as an individual and prescribe a specific remedy for my specific case. I also like that I can contact him by e-mail and ask questions that I may have from time to time. This is extremely helpful due to me living 3-4 hours away from his office. I would rate him 5 out of 5 stars.



My family and I have been extremely pleased with the homeopathic treatment we have received from Dr. Bill Gray. He’s highly skilled and very professional. I went to him several years ago, when I was trying to get off of an anti-depressant. With the remedy Dr. Gray prescribed, I was successfully weaned off of the anti-depressant and I’ve been fine ever since, and able to cope in a healthy way with all of life’s ups and downs. My remedy also greatly reduced my springtime allergy symptoms! Today, many years later, I am still able to take a dose of that same remedy if I’m feeling off emotionally or physically.

I took my son, Conlan, to see Dr. Gray when he was about 5 years old to help him with his allergies. His symptoms gradually improved. Today, he only has some minor symptoms in the spring. When my other son Logan was about 7, he had a cough that wouldn’t seem to go away, so I took him to see his pediatrician, who told me that he had walking pneumonia. The pedicatrician said that antibiotics would get rid of the cough in about a week, or if we wanted to skip the antibiotics, it would take about 3 months for Logan to heal on his own. I took Logan to see Dr. Gray. With the remedy Dr. Gray prescribed, Logan’s cough disappeared only a few days later. The remedies that Dr. Gray gave my son’s were “constitutional remedies”, which means they can use them anytime their feeling off balance physically or emotionally, and the remedies are perfectly safe and natural. My son’s are 14 years old now, and to this day, they will take a dose of their remedy when they’re feeling sick or a little off, knowing that it will help kick start their body into healing itself. Although we haven’t forgone western medicine altogether, it is wonderful to have someone like Dr. Gray to help us when we’re struggling with something that western medicine has no real cure for (ie in our case allergies, depression etc). The whole philosophy behind homeopathy has influenced our family in a very positive way. We are all less anxious when it comes to our health, knowing that our body has a great ability to take care of itself.


Maria C

My name is Maria C, and I knew about Dr. Bill Gray 20 years ago when I saw him being interviewed on TV. 20 years later… I went to see him for menopausal problems and general health. He is an amazing man . Kind, down to earth and speaks the truth. When my son was killed last year in the line of duty, I called him and I have to say that just talking with him, helped me more than he will ever know. He talked about his own experiences and sent me a remedy . I will never forget his kindness . Besides being one of the best homeopaths in the world, he took time out of his day to help me and proscribed a remedy for a horse as an emergency. I am happy to say that the horse got well !!!! I see Dr. Gray every 2 years or so for a “tune up” . I have a friend who is also an MD, and it has taken me almost 2 years of talking to him about Dr. Gray . He has decided that he is going to see him for his own health
When he treated me for menopausal symptoms, I had to go overseas, and every trip has always been an ordeal with air sickness. Well…. No air sickness or jet lag. I called him all exited about it and he said this words ” welcome to homeopathy”.
I always recommend Dr. Gray to anyone that I think is in need of some serious help, and will continue to do so, because he is one of the few great minds given to this world by Divine Spirit .


Ann D. Gainseville, FL

Dr. Gray really knows his stuff! In my opinion his reputation as a world-renowned homeopathic physician is well deserved. I first sought Dr. Gray’s help several years ago for a chronic illness that had left me in a totally debilitated state, suffering intensely, nearly on death’s doorstep. Despite best efforts, conventional western medicine had completely failed, offering no hope for improvement. My husband and I figured we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. So with my husband’s encouragement and support, we found a way to make the coast-to-coast trip to see Dr. Gray. I had hoped only for any degree of improvement, but amazingly, with time my illness was completely cured.
Unlike the destructive surgical procedures and suppressive drugs with damaging side effects offered by western medicine, homeopathic treatment involved inexpensive, natural, non-harmful remedies prescribed specifically for me based on the totality of my symptoms. That’s where Dr. Gray’s brilliance as a practitioner was key – well worth the cross-country travel. His depth of knowledge and extensive experience combined with his keen perception and astute understanding of the human condition led to identification of exactly the right remedy (a rare one) for me.
Under Dr. Gray’s care, homeopathic treatment has been both life-saving and life-changing. I am now happier and healthier than ever in all regards. One surprising outcome has been that homeopathy healed not just physical illness, but all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Quite remarkably, all aspects of being were treated equally well. Not only was the physical illness for which I sought treatment cured, but several other long-standing problems (including relational issues) resolved in the process.
Although I live on the east coast, I continue to visit Dr. Gray from time to time when travel takes me through San Francisco so that when the inevitable injury or sickness does arise, then I can arrange a phone consult for follow-up care.
I highly recommend Bill Gray as a homeopathic physician. He is an excellent practitioner, and his results have been remarkable. Even better, treatment is cost-effective and non-harmful.


December 2013- Anonymous

Dr. Gray was initially referred to me by some friends in 2004. I, my husband and baby son met with him for various health issues. He was wonderful, patient and had a high level of knowledge and expertise in diagnosing our problems, and then evaluating which medicine would work best, based on our symptoms.
Since this time, our homeopathic medicines have kept us healthy and fit. We take our medicines as and when needed, but not very often at all. A few months ago, I consulted with Dr. Gray once again about blood tests that revealed very high thyroid levels. An endocrinologist wanted to prescribe a strong medicine with serious side effects.Before I met with Dr. Gray, I telephoned his office, and was advised to take a dose of my medicine. Within a few days my symptoms of severe fatigue and restlessness had disappeared.

Dr. Gray has dealt with numerous cases of high thyroid, and confidently enough assured me my homeopathic medicine was perfect, and that no other medicine was needed.
I would highly recommend Dr. Gray to any adult or child with a mild or serious health problem, who is open to homeopathy.He is without doubt, one of the best homeopathic doctors in the Bay Area. He has countless years of experience, and most importantly enjoys and respects what he practices!

5816 Castle Ave #4
Dunsmuir, CA 96025
(408) 868-0330