Using LM Potencies


LM (also called “Q”) potencies are a delivery system invented by Samuel Hahnemann toward the end of his illustrious life. “LM” represents the Roman numeral for “50,000.” They are called LM potencies because the dilution factor is 1/50,000 — instead of the other customary method of 1/100 dilution (called “c” potencies).

LM potencies were developed based on clinical experience that the body responds gently and effectively to repeated potencies. LMs are a liquid prepared by the pharmacy, then shaken and diluted at least daily by the patient. Thus, each day the body is stimulated gently to a slightly higher degree, slowly raising the level of health until a threshold is reached within 20 days or so.

After that, single isolated doses are taken as boosters only when needed.

LM potencies require a little more work — usually ten seconds or so for each dose. Their advantages are myriad, however.

When everything is going well, doses can be stopped altogether. When stress levels exceed tolerance, booster doses are taken as needed. Thus, doses are customized to the ups and downs of life.

This cannot be said for the “c” potencies (given only once in the office and only very cautiously thereafter). Clinically, I have found that “c” potencies tend to last less long than they used to decades ago. It could be that there are more antidotes in the environment that are as yet unknown. LMs mitigate this problem through frequency of dose.

It is still wise to avoid known antidotes such as coffee (even decaf), camphor, tea tree oil, drilling on teeth (unless there is pain), electric blankets, mothballs, and hot springs — but when these are encountered through error or forgetfulness, LM potencies render antidotes less critical.

The Protocol

For the vast majority of cases, a simple protocol suffices. Doses are taken once daily (any time of day) for 20 days. This serves as an initial “loading” stimulus. If the remedy is correct for the total person, this stimulates the body to heal itself — an effect which may continue for weeks, months, even years.

Thereafter, single isolated booster doses are taken only as needed — for relapse symptoms, injury (auto accident, bruise, sprain), fever, cold or flu, strong emotional stress, or any other health event.

Depending on the case, I may ask you to take one routine dose a week instead (not counting the initial 20 daily doses).

In extreme cases (very high fever are severe injury), doses may be taken hourly until there is improvement.

It is impossible to overdose in the sense of causing side effects.
However, once the initial “loading” 20 days is past, the body does not listen to each dose as well if they are given too often. Single isolated doses work better after the “loading” 20 days are over.

Occasionally, doses may be taken two or three days in a row when really needed, but more tend to be ineffective.
If symptoms seem to require taking doses daily for two full weeks (not counting the “loading” 20 days), there is something wrong. That is an indication for an appointment for re-evaluation.

Normally, routine follow-ups for review and to evaluate the remedy action are scheduled for six weeks, then at three months and six months, assuming good progress.

The Technique

The pharmacy prepares a Stock Bottle, labeled “LM1”. I order the remedy via email to have the pharmacy send it to the address you request. Usually you receive it within 3 or 4 working days.

All homeopathic remedies are prepared by a process of shaking and diluting . In combination, these alter the structure of water and its associated electromagnetic field in ways unique to the remedy. Shaking (or “ succusion” as homeopaths call it) alone does nothing to the water. Dilution alone does nothing.

But shaking and dilution in sequence generates “snowflake”-like clusters shaped uniquely to the remedy. Shaking increases the number of clusters, while diluting increases their size by recruiting more water molecules. This phenomenon happens only in distilled water.

How you prepare each dose follows:

1) Hold the Stock Bottle firmly, and pound it firmly against a phone book or similar hard surface.

The standard routine is 10 succussions . This does not mean 9 or 11.

If I tell you otherwise for any reason, follow my instructions.

2) Dilute 7 drops from the succussed stock bottle into 4 oz. (half cup) of distilled water.

The water should be distilled water . This can be found at any
supermarket, or in many markets in areas where steam irons are
used. … Other waters that do NOT work are “purified,” “de-ionized,” “filtered,” “mineral,” “spring” water.

The cup can be made of glass, plastic, or probably even styrofoam. It is OK to use the same container over and over because higher potencies (higher = more shaken and more diluted) supercede lower potencies.

3) Stir the dilution a few times.
The spoon may be made of any material.

4) Take a sip of the dilution in your mouth, or any amount you please. A drop is the same as the whole thing because the remedy is an energy, not a substance. A drop is the same as the whole thing.

You only need the stimulation from shaking and diluting. That is what affects the body. At this point, one drop really is the same as the whole 4 oz.

When the liquid in the stock bottle reaches the bottom, simply refill it with distilled water. This reactivates all the water at the potency level you have already shaken/diluted into the bottle. You may keep refilling the bottle indefinitely. It does not get weaker. It gets stronger.


Try to avoid strong odors in the environment when preparing and taking the remedy. Certain aromatic odors such as perfumes, strong cooking odors, chewing gum, perhaps even toothpaste, could interfere with the remedy before it is even ingested.

Some people say not to have anything to eat or drink for 15 min before and after taking the remedy. This is primarily in order to avoid strong odors, but is completely unnecessary.

What to Expect

Unless I specify otherwise, you will take one dose daily for 20 days (initial “loading” doses), then as needed thereafter (or perhaps once weekly, if I so direct).

A follow-up visit will usually be planned at the six week mark. At six weeks, we generally hope to see about 10% to 20% improvement — only. Homeopathy is not generally a miracle cure in chronic disease, so slow progress is expected. This continues month by month until total cure within one or two years.

These guesstimates vary hugely, of course, but the generalization is helpful to dispel undue expectations.

One advantage of LMs is that it is common to sense subtle, transient changes after each dose, even though it takes six weeks to have a clear idea of progress.

At six weeks, if there is no progress at all, the remedy is probably wrong and will need to be changed.

If your symptoms do not respond as described, feel free to call
Victoria for help (at (408) 868-0330). She is very experienced in dealing with LM variations and can judge the point at which another consultation is needed.

The value of the follow-up appointments is to look at the broader picture, to decide if the remedy itself is still appropriate, and if any other adjustments need to be made.

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